Spirit of FIXGEAR® is “Passion for sport”

Fix Gear Custom Design

FIXGEAR® has provided customers worldwide with innovative and splendid sportswear since 2009.

All FIXGEAR® products are built with multi-functional advanced fabric which provides best condition for all athletes and it keeps you at your best condition for all your activities in every environment.

FIXGEAR® never be complacent and keeps always pursuing for excellence to create innovative sports gears. Design your sports life with FIXGEAR!

For FIXGEAR®, quality is a state of mind.

Now, Design your sport life with FIXGEAR®!

FIXGEAR® not only improves your physical competitiveness but makes you unique and inimitable.

Whatever you do, Wherever you are…


Jimi Mouradian

Authorized Dealer in North America for FIXGEAR Clothing http://www.Fixgear.com. Vendeur Autorisé en Amérique du Nord de Vetements FIXGEAR http://www.Fixgear.com.

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